Young America Insurance History

It was in Dallas, in 1952, when businessman Rodney D. Young thought that about people not having a chance to pay for standard car insurance. Some alternatives had to be offered. Sometimes by merely having poor driving or credit records, it was challenging for some to be close to a real possibility of getting auto insurance. That's how the pioneer of alternative car coverage emerged: Rodney D. Young Insurance and Young America Insurance.

The state of Texas passed a mandatory minimum car insurance law in 1980. Fortunately for many residents in The Lone Star State, Rodney D. Young was there to help them despite their limited resources or poor driving records. Rodney D. Young offered annual, semi-annual and even monthly policies for them which led to great success for the company. Thus, it was already possible for everyone to pay for an insurance policy.

Later, they developed specialized software to handle a larger volume of customers, as well as any complexity that arose after offering short-term policy service. That was how Rodney D. Young embraced and consolidated throughout Texas. Later they made their way in other states of the Midwest with similar laws on compulsory auto insurance. Rodney D. Young and Young America Insurance today has offices in Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, and Texas. To date, it is still one of the leading car insurance companies.

Our leadership

In a car insurance company, leadership is always a turning point in success. Here is a list of our current corporate officers:

  • Fred Loya Sr. - Chairman Emeritus
  • Fred Loya Jr. - Chief Executive Officer
  • Flower Loya - President
  • Ben Salazar - Chief Operating Officer
  • Joe Ramirez - Chief Financial Officer
  • Edgar Meza - Vice President of Claims Department
  • Ricardo Chavez - Managing Attorney
  • George Briones - Director of Information and Technology
  • Lana Ruiz - Senior Underwriter
  • Robert Estrada - HR Director
  • Leah Williams - Data Analyst