About Us

Young America Insurance has a proud and rich history of providing low-cost insurance to local communities for decades. Seeing a need for auto insurance that the average person could afford, Young America was founded decades ago and has grown every year since. 

Rodney D Young was a local businessman who thought consumers were paying too much to get basic auto insurance coverage. He started Young America Insurance with the mission of helping lower-income families find the best automobile coverage at the lowest prices. 

With auto insurance an enforced law, all drivers are required to carry coverage, but many cannot afford expensive comprehensive coverage. Rodney Young found a niche in the marketplace and began selling standard auto insurance at lower rates than most insurers.   

Young America Helps High-Risk Driver’s Get Covered

Many motorists drive on suspended licenses or have a bad driving record that prevents most insurers from covering them. This isn’t good for anyone on the road, and a solution was needed. Young America Insurance offers coverage solutions for almost all drivers, despite their record.  

Even motorists with a DUI or reckless driving tickets can get Young America Non-Standard Auto Insurance coverage at rates most competitors can’t match. Get a free online quote or call a licensed agent to get quoted over the phone. 

Young America’s Customer Service Advantage 

Each customer is given one-on-one advice from licensed Young America agents, almost all of whom are fluent in both English and Spanish. First, the needs of every customer are assessed. Then a plan is then created that offers solid coverage that protects the driver and their family, along with the cheapest rates. 

Young America Insurance agents always put the customer first, and the first step is listening to the customer and working within a client’s budget. Many clients are thrilled that Young America can often save them over $500, or more, on the coverage they need.  

A Growing Presence in Latino Markets 

Young America Insurance has a large customer base in the fast-growing Latino market. Much of the growth Young America Auto has achieved can be attributed to word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied customers. 

Young America Insurance has a proud history of providing affordable auto insurance to Latino markets throughout the United States. Drivers in this demographic often work jobs that pay less than the national average, and many can’t afford expensive car insurance coverage. 

Young America Auto Insurance is a leader in providing standard insurance to the Latino market, with rates for basic liability insurance starting at just $39 a month. Clients can even earn a cash reward for referring a new customer to Young America. Today, almost half the customers of Young America are Latino, and we are proud to serve this fast-growing market.  

The Future of Young America Insurance

Technology is at the forefront of Young America Insurance. In an effort to serve our customers better, we have developed a new website that allows customers to compare the cheapest rates for the type of coverage they need in about five minutes. 

Current customers can also pay their premium online and get claim updates or chat with an agent. If you want the best coverage at the lowest available rates, get a free, no-obligation quote from Young America Insurance and see how much you can save on the coverage you need.