How to file an Insurance Claim  

Young America Insurance has three claims departments to handle your claims as quickly as possible. In addition, a team of professionals specialized in claim processing will help you. Our goal is to assist each client’s needs as fast as possible and ensure they receive the best, customized service. That is why each claim is efficiently processed, and payments are made as fast as possible. This is one more reason why customers love Young America Insurance. 

How to Contact Us 

You can make a new claim by calling 1-800-880-0472, and a professional representative will kindly help you. From Monday to Friday, you can receive help from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm (MST); On Saturdays, representatives are standing by to assist you between the hours of 7:00 am until 4:00 pm (MST).

You must provide initial information about the claim. Please be as detailed as possible. Within 24 hours after you make your claim report, a civil liability claims adjuster will contact you. The claims adjuster has been assigned your case and will process your loss report.

Auto Claims Process Explained

Once you have made a claim, a liability adjuster will take your case. It will be the liability adjuster who handles the entire investigation process.

What we will do:

  • We will review your insurance policy and coverage.
  • We will determine what kinds of damages or injuries are covered and which are not.
  • We will contact all parties involved in the accident (usually within 24 hours after the complaint report).
  • We will get the statement of the facts of the loss.
  • When the liability is not evident, we will obtain additional evidence regarding the loss.
  • We will use police reports, scene photos, statements of witnesses not involved in the accident, and even state and local traffic laws.
  • An appraiser will estimate the damage to your vehicle.
  • Based on all the evidence gathered during the investigation regarding liability, we will conclude the research and come to the final disposition of your insurance claim.

When should you file an auto insurance claim?

So a car bumped you backing up in a parking lot. Should you file a claim? It all depends if your vehicle is damaged or not. If there is no damage, you don’t need to go through the hassle of filing a claim. However, if there is damage to your vehicle, it might make sense to file a claim.

Some people advise only to file a claim if the damage in an accident is more significant than $500. If there is a small amount of damage like a broken tail-light, you might be wise not to file a claim. The rule of thumb is always to file a claim if there is extensive damage to your automobile, especially if physical injuries are involved due to the incident.

Each claim is different, and Young America Insurance may perform a thorough investigation depending on the incident. Details will be looked into, including the person or party that caused the crash and further details such as weather-related events that play a role. If an investigation occurs, the company may delay the claim payout for a period of time.

Remember, many events can cause a no-fault accident that is beyond your control. This includes sliding into the guardrail on an icy road or highway, running over an object that causes a driver to lose control, or severe weather events like a tornado or a hail storm.

Comprehensive Coverage

If your vehicle is hit by an animal, stolen, or has an accident unrelated to another vehicle, you can file a comprehensive insurance claim. While comprehensive coverage is more expensive, it provides broader protection, especially against theft.

Undetermined Fault

If you are in an accident under investigation by the authorities and there is no clear cause of which driver is responsible, always file a claim. This way, the process is already underway, and it will allow you to get the funds you need faster to pay for your vehicle and related injuries.

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