If personal items are stolen from my car, are they covered?

  • The answer is No. The insurance policy can cover car theft, but not stolen items from inside the car. You can contact your insurance agent for information about some homeowner's policies that will cover it.

Can I request a quote online?

  • Yes, it is very simple to request a quote online. It will only take about 5 minutes. Get a free quote now!

Can rental cars be covered?

  • If the insured vehicle is temporarily replaced by a rental car, the liability portion of your policy is transferred to the rental vehicle.

How can I file a claim?

  • It is essential that you be clear about all available information about the accident before submitting a claim on your insurance policy or against one of our insured. Then, contact our Claims Department at (800) 880-0472, and you will get the help you need.

How can I change the billing address?

  • You can visit your local Young America Insurance office or contact our Customer Service Center at (800) 860-5692. Our professional insurance agents can help you change your billing address.

What causes the increase in my insurance premiums?

  • Many factors directly affect your insurance rates. To find out exactly what factors have negatively influenced your premium, contact our Customer Service Center at (800) 860-5692 or visit your local Young America Insurance office. That's the easiest way to get more information.

Does the website allows me to change personal information, such as my address, telephone, etc?

  • Not actually. Contact our Customer Service Center at 1-800-860-5692 to process policy changes. Some changes may be processed by phone; however, others must be done in person as they require a signature and you should go to your local branch.

How can I cancel my policy?

  • You must request in writing the cancellation of your policy, for your protection. You can go to any local branch to carry out this process.

Is there a grace period for the payment of my policy?

  • No, you should pay before 12:00 am MDT of the due date. If payment is delayed, a late payment surcharge or subject to cancellation will apply.

How many vehicles can I include in my policy?

  • Up to five vehicles are admitted per policy; If you have more vehicles to insure, you can buy an additional policy. You can get more information by contacting our Customer Service Center at (800) 860-5692.

What do I need to do after an accident?

  • Report your claim to Young Auto Insurance at 1-800-880-0472.
  • In case your vehicle was towed, find out where it was taken.
  • If not, do your best to protect your vehicle if necessary, by storing it in a garage or covering windows and broken glass.
  • Collect all information related to the accident, including police reports and accident exchange information.