Frequently Asked Questions

If personal items like my wallet are stolen from my automobile, are they covered?

The answer is no. Your Young America Insurance policy can cover car theft but not stolen items from the inside of your vehicle. However, you can contact your insurance agent for information about some homeowner’s policies that will cover the contents inside your car. Remember always to keep your automobile locked when exiting, and keep any valuables out of sight. 

Can I request a quote online?

Yes, it is effortless to request a quote online. To start, just enter your zip code. It will only take about 5 minutes to fill out a quote application. You will need basic information about your vehicle, driver’s license info, and home address. Get a free Young America Insurance Quote now online or call toll-free and get a quote over the phone.  

Can rental cars be covered?

If the insured vehicle is temporarily replaced by a rental car, the liability portion of your policy is transferred to the rental vehicle. If you rent vehicles often, you might want to get extra coverage for added protection. You can add rental car coverage onto your policy online or by calling a Young America Insurance representative, who will gladly assist you.    

How can I file an insurance claim?

You must be clear and detailed about all available information regarding the accident before submitting a claim on your insurance policy or against one of our partner carriers. Take several pictures of the accident scene and your vehicle to help expedite the process and get valuable information that will assist your claim. 

Even if the accident is minor, take photos of your vehicle and any other cars involved in the incident. This information can also assist the police in doing the investigation. Next, contact our Claims Department or start your claim online, and an agent will get in contact with you as soon as possible. Once you file a claim and it is approved, you can track the progress online.

How can I change the billing address?

You can visit your local Young America Insurance office or contact our Customer Service Center. One of our professional insurance agents can help you change your billing address in just a minute or two or assist you with any other issue regarding your policy.  

What did my Premium Go Up? 

Many factors directly affect your insurance rates. Your premium might have gone up due to an at-fault accident, a traffic ticket, or other events. To find out exactly what factors have negatively influenced your premium, contact a Young America Insurance agent who will review your policy. 

If you prefer to meet in person, stop by a Young America Insurance office during normal business hours. An agent will help you find a lower rate by searching for alternative coverage options or offering advice that can help you lower your rates. 

Can I Make Changes to my Policy Online? 

The Young America Insurance website is easy to use. In addition to getting free automobile and home insurance quotes, you can make changes to your policy. Also, you can easily change your personal information, such as your address, telephone, and email address. If you have any issues using the Young America Insurance website, contact one of our service representatives, who will be happy to help you. 

How can I cancel my policy?

You must request in writing the cancellation of your policy for your full protection. You can go to any local Young America Insurance office to cancel your policy in person or call toll-free to cancel your policy over the phone.

Is there a Grace Period for Paying My Policy Premium?

No, you should pay before midnight MDT of the due date of your policy agreement. If payment is delayed, a late payment surcharge will be applied. If you fail to pay your policy within a specific amount of time, you may be subject to the cancellation of your policy.

How many Automobiles can I include on my policy?

Young America allows up to five vehicles to be admitted per policy. If you have more cars to insure, you can buy an additional policy. If you need commercial auto insurance for a business you have, contact one of the experienced Young America Insurance agents, and they can assist you with the lowest possible rates. You can get more information by contacting our Customer Service Center.

What do I Need to do After an Accident?

Report the incident to a Young America Insurance representative, and you will receive help in starting your claim. In the event your car was towed, find out where it was taken to. If not, do your best to protect your vehicle and, if necessary, store it in a garage or covering until you can make arrangements for repairs. As stated before, collect all information related to the accident, including police reports and accident exchange information.

If you have any further questions or concerns about the Young America Insurance Company, please feel free to contact us via email or call a representative.